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Biok laboratory

The installed content management system is very user friendly, as well as the Synergy Effect staff, who are able to clearly explain the substance to the person who is not IT savvy. 

  Marketing Project Manager at Biok,

Simona Launikonytė


Markučiai UAB

Markučiai UAB is very grateful to the Interneto svetainių dizainas UAB for the successfully implemented projects of website and a three-dimensional presentation.

Techninė komanda parodė puikų atsakingo ir profesionalaus darbo pavyzdį
Projects have been implemented successfully, with application of all the latest technologies and solutions
The technical team showed an excellent and responsible professional work results.
Thank you for the quality and excellence of performance.

UAB "Markučiai"



Acorus Calamus UAB

The project aim was to have a website to represent the company and presenting a range of products, with a unique design, optimal architecture and a user-friendly navigation.

The project was carried out in stages, with a focus on each phase of work – from the moment the idea was generated up to collection of information and presentation. Responsible supervisors of the projects performed well, communication and collaboration was smooth. Continuously available assistance, counseling and professional supervision of the project after implementation. The company has not only fully accomplished the objectives, but has even exceeded the expectations by offering new solutions.

We are very happy with the overall result of work and very much the quality of work, experience and expertise of the Interneto svetainių dizainas UAB. We recommend them as a reliable partner for internet, design and communication solutions. The team of professionals and experienced members, working together, definitely reaches the synergy, in support of the company slogan, the “Synergy Effect”


Marketing Manager at ACORUS CALAMUS UAB
Greta Žičkauskaitė


The Police Department under the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior

The Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter, as the Police department) would like to thank Interneto svetainių dizainas UAB team for the development of Police department website, which, according to the investigation regarding the websites of state institutions, carried out in in 2009 by the Information Society Development Committee under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, “Compliance of the websites of state institutions with the general requirements for the websites of state institutions”, ranked 3rd among all the State institutions.

The website of Police department has been designed according to the demanding requirements of the customer, and the quality of work carried out fully complies with the needs. The company’s staff demonstrated personal initiative, have provided some interesting creative proposals, and responsibly fulfilled all the tasks.

Police Deputy Commissioner General 
Saulius Skvernelis


Avakompas UAB

I see the Synergy Effect design and creative competences as high-level solutions.

Director of Avakompas UAB 
Mantas Malinauskas


Eurospedition UAB

Good ratio of quality/price/professionalism. Distinctiveness of the team: patience, pleasant communication, care and professionalism.

Personnel Manager at Eurospedition UAB
Inga Limbienė


Nexeta UAB

I can recommend Synergy Effect as professionals in their field.

Director of Nexeta UAB
Nerijus Norinkevičius



Aurela UAB

The aviation company Aurela UAB thanks the head of Interneto svetainių dizainas UAB Tomas Vilmanas and his staff for the development of the website and image development service. All the work was done very professionally and efficiently, taking into account our desires and needs. Tomas Vilmanas advised us on all matters, showed a lot of his initiative, delivered many creative ideas. We are very pleased not only with the quality of the work, but also with the performance terms.

We recommend to other to implement all information relation solutions only at the Interneto svetainių dizainas UAB.


Director General of Aurela UAB
Valdas Barkauskas



Kaunas Sports Club Oktanas

Kaunas sports club Oktanas is gratefull to the Interneto svetainių dizainas UAB for timely and creatively delivered services for the renewal of the image website.

After the launch of the new website, the online interest in our activites has doubled, we get a lot of comments from the visitors, our position in the search engines went up to the first few pages.

Since the content on our website is changing often, we had a special program installed with all the tools necessary for full website administration.
We are very pleased with value created, and we shall recommend the ISD team.


Oktanas racing team director
Tomas Puodžiūnas


Alytus- tourism UAB

Alytus-tourism UAB is grateful to the company Interneto svetainių dizainas UAB for a professionally designed, high-quality corporate website The website created in line with the latest solutions.

Having listened to the professional guidance of ISD company, we are now satisfied with our website’s contemporary modern design concept, orginal programmic solutions, and easy adiminstravimu.

What is important is that the ISD company delivered the order in time, would immediately apply the desired corrections, and was constantly consulting on the administration issues.

Thanks to the ISD staff for flawlessly implemented project, and we shall responsibly recommend to other businesses and organizations, for any internet solutions, to collaborate with the ISD company.

Wishing Interneto svetainių dizainas UAB the best success in business.

UAB ,,Alytus- tourism"



Party Order and Justice

The Party Order and Justice are grateful to the Interneto svetainių dizainas UAB for the professionally developed high quality website The website features a functional and easily adminsitrated data management system.

We are pleased with the work completed and will recommend to choose precisely this company for the development of unlimited complexity of websites and cooperation.

Secretary General, Party Order and Justice
Rimas Antanas Ručys


Kaunas City State Food and Veterinary Service

Very user-friendly your content management system. Working with the web site does not require a lot of experience and expertise, everything is comfortable, going fast. It’s great when, different employees can manage individual information blocks The information is easily transferred from WORD.

Since our institution’s website is hosted on your server, we avoid the concern of making copies. We are pleased that your staff quickly reacts to and accomplish our different requests or wishes.

Ričardas Kliučinskas