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The Synergy Effect has been developing non-standard solutions for its customers for more than a decade. We have experience working with the medium, large and very large-scale projects, which may consist of 500, 1,000 or more than 20,000 hours of work load. We have developed over 20 non-standard projects of varying complexity for well-known Lithuanian and foreign companies. Our experience and expertise allows us to create the solutions that would help accelerate the development of your business, optimizing certain operational processes and financial flows.

Non-standard IT solutions may be of several types:

  1. Different web-based business management focused Internet systems or web projects aimed for delivery of online services. These are the information systems designed to automate and integrate internal and external business processes and to more effectively manage a wide range of business information. These may include website or portal customer service systems, document, order or e-sale, project, personnel, warehouse, logistics and time management solutions, and etc. As well, this extends to the integration of business management systems with the third parties such as financial accounting, logistics, payment systems, CRM and other systems.
  2. Information tools. Specific information processing tools enabling to automatically collect from other sources, to accumulate certain types of information, to process and classify it. These include various databases, spreadsheets, and solutions of statistics and analysis.
  3. Financial tools. It features integration of different payments, settlement and other financial solutions with the business management software, order management, special statistical and analytical tools.

Non-standard IT projects feature a common goal – to facilitate certain business processes and thus to create a value added. We offer particularly high quality services of custom solutions for design and development, as this fully complies with the principles of our work – to create the value added for our customers.

For larger projects we form a dedicated team and ensure a professional project management.

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Main stages in custom project development:

  • Analysis of business needs and processes;
  • Detailed project production planning;
  • Engineering of information systems;
  • Production and installation;
  • Integration of information systems;
  • Support, development and maintenance.

The objects of analysis and optimization:

  1. Usability research;
  2. Information accessibility research;
  3. System performance research;
  4. Improvement of user interface environment;
  5. SEO research and optimization.

Specialized web solutions

  • Meeting the advertising agency’s Inspe order, we have developed a unique monitoring system for orders and production of flyers.

  • As requested by this company, we performed a large-scale website and Navision ERP system data integration works.

  • – as requested by the company, we developed a unique sales and management of an integrated system for the low-cost international calls service.

  • As requested by the Party Order and Justice, we have developed a custom programme.

  • For the company Autarė UAB, which organizing participation in exhibitions, we have developed a special internal process performance optimization and management system.

  • Since 2011, we have been successfully working with Oksalis UAB, the largest the company in Lithuania selling weapons and their supplies. 

  • Payment terminals FoxBox – it is a specially developed programme, which allows remote control of terminals.

  • To accomplice the travel agency’s Kiveda UAB order, we developed a custom travel management system.

  • As requested by Ūkio bankas leasing we had designed and developed a specialized leasing services booking system.