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Strategy and Planning

E-strategy, development and implementation of E-marketing:

  • Exhaustive analysis of external and internal activities of the customer;
  • Development of goals, objectives and measures;
  • Development of the measurement system for monitoring the results targeted by successful/unsuccessful performance (setting of measurement units; establishment of measuring the effectiveness in operational processes (conversion));
  • Development of creative and technical ideas, concepts;
  • Preparation of project materials (wires, interactive prototipes, interfaces, technical specifications, wbs, usecase, workflow);
  • Preparation of preliminary and production estimates for projects of various complexity;
  • Planning of the required time, human resources and competences;
  • Planning and development of online communication objectives, audience, communication messages and measures. Campaign management;
  • Development and management of newsletter campaigns.


Web projects must be subtle, aesthetic, original, and catch the client’s and the user's eye. Such designs for web solutions are what our professional designers develop. They are constantly searching for original and time-tested solutions, taking into account the latest web trends and fashions, as well as the technical details.

  • Corporate, image, and information websites (B2B, B2C, web solutions for public-sector and associations) ;
  • Advertising product, service or brand websites;
  • Development of user interfaces for websites, web-based, CRM, ERP systems;
  • Responsive (responsive, adoptive) design development;
  • Development of newsletter designs.

Programming and Development

  • Implementation and development of content management systems;
  • Third-party systems’ integration and data synchronization services;
  • Web application for mobile devices.

Monitoring and Improvement

  • Website audit (W3, SEO, usability);
  • Analysis of consumer flows and behaviour;
  • A/B testing;
  • Usability testing (usability test).

Professional website texts

This would allow potential customers to form a positive opinion about the company; would attract more visitors; would enhance competitive advantage; would help shaping a positive image; would effectively increase sales; would help to find the company in the search engines; and would rank the site in higher search engines positions.


Each of the web projects we have developed are optimized for search engines. Internal SEO optimization implemented ensures that the project will be visible in the search engine results immediately after the launch. It is an integral part of online marketing. With time, the requirements of search engines are changing, so we try to optimize everything to ensure the changes are minor.

Search on the Internet enables the emergence of new marketing methods. The customers themselves are looking for information online. If these surfers find your site through the search results, they are already interested in your goods and services. Creating a website is only the first step, and the second, and equally important, is to attract visitors to your website and turn them into your customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process aiming to increase the number of visitors to the website and, based on the main keywords linked to your website content, to rank the website higner among the search results.

The SEO service delivery inclused the following works:

  • Review of the page structure, navigation, usability, and recommendations;
  • Indexing in the search engine Google and review in the current ranking search;
  • Statistical analysis of attendance;
  • Competitors’ analysis;
  • Selection of keywords, which will be used to optimized the website;
  • Optimization of website pages: URL, meta data, titles, links;
  • Text review and recommendations for corrections, inserting specific keywords;
  • Listing in both Lithuanian, and foreign online catalogs;
  • Constant statistical analysis of attendance.

Google AdWords

Proven! Direct text ads feature one of the most effective advertising forms in the world. AdWords advertising brings the motivated potential customers who will be interested in your offer. How to reach them? How to bring the people who will become your regular customers? Leave these concerns to our professionals who will plan and implement the marketing campaigns for your business.

You can display your ads in the first search engine positions. Advertise your business on Google Adwords and pay only for the visitors who will visit your website! Google Adwords programme will display your ad when people search for information by typing in one of your chosen keywords. In this case, these ads bring to you only the interested visitors.

What benefits do you get?

  • Selection of keywords directly related to your business;
  • Development and management of ads;
  • Development of promotional strategy;
  • Continuous maintenance, optimization and increase of efficiency of your campaign;
  • Access to the full statistics on the costs, the traffic, and clicks.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most advanced attendance monitoring systems in the world. And it is free. We set up a special code that will allow you to monitor the behavior of visitors on the page in very different ways. We train our customers how to use Google Analytics.

This program is designed to carry out a variety of marketing actions, such as:

  • Find out how many visitors have visited the selected page over time;
  • Lean the number of unique and recurring visitors, and their average time spent on the website;
  • See what pages are most popular and most visited;
  • Determine what kind of online advertising campaign generates the highest return;
  • Statistics of web banners – how many visitors this advertising campaign has attracted;
  • See the attendance by regions/countries;
  • See the traffic by keywords, based on which the visitors come from the search engines;
  • And much more of additional information.

The Synergy Effect provides a twofold of Google Analytics system’s services:

  • One-time set up of Google Analytics system in the website (the Customers check the reports themselves by loging into the Google Analytics system);
  • Setting up of Google Analytics system and sending of reports (once a month, we send the customer reports generated by the system, based on the key indicators).

Virtual Server (Hosting)

How much of disk space do you need for your website? What should be the bandwidth? Do not ask these questions, and do not waste time searching for information – we will take care of reliable and professional hosting for your online projects. We are cooperating with Lithuanian and foreign companies that are considered leaders in their field.

Internet address (domain) registration

Sending of e-mails

Newsletter marketing increases the sales. One only needs to set everything up and organize in a proper manner – the message itseld, compile the database of e-mail recipients, and send out making sure that the message doesn’t get cought in spam folders and filters. This is a serious job. Trust it to our marketing professionals.


Exciting photos on the website create a special image of the web project. We organize the necessary business photo shoots where your employees turn into models, and the products look impressive. Attractive photos create a positive emotion; further on, what the visitor needs to do is only to buy or subscribe to the service.

Contact already now and ask for the business photo shoots prices.

3D design and animation

3D animation adds seriousness and solidity when it’s creative and original. It can be used not only in promotional videos, but also for internet solutions, promotional titles. We have excellent knowledge of animation techniques and are able to offer high-quality 3D animation services.

Website development

  • We cooperate with Dolomitas AB, which is successfully operating in the Lithuanias and Latvian markets.

  • Pharmaceutical group of companies VALENTIS developed a representative site.

  • Since 2011, we have been successfully ccoperating with the largest producer nitrogen fertilizer in Lithuania

  • Since 2013, we have been cooperating with the company Elevita, which is mainly involved in cosmetics and perfumery wholesale and retail.

  • We cooperate with the BALTIC LINE UAB, which is engaged in domestic and international cargo transportation.

  • We cooperate with the Lithuanian branch of the Austrian concern Novomatic.

  • A website with a mobile version for the private hospital Kardiolita.

  • Purchse a piece of Aukštaitija!

  • The company represents the globally known company NESCAFÉ and its brand NESCAFÉ in Lithuania.

  • Since 2012, we have been working with one of the largest Lithuanian companies producing lubrication solutions and materials Mechanica UAB.

  • The main business of the company is international cargo transportation and logistics services.

  • The company specializes in – development and manufacturing of cosmetics.

  • We are working with our long-time partner BIOK laboratorija, which represents five brands: "Margarita", "Rasa ", "Aras”, “Ecodenta” and “Thai”.

  • Since 2013, we have been working with the company Vilniaus pergalė AB – the leading factory in the Baltic countries, which is famous for its confectionery quality.

  • The company Fasa is engaged in packaging equipment and their solutions; the manufactured equipment is exported to more than 30 different countries in Europe.

  • We successfully cooperate with Eurospedition – one of the leading transport and logistics companies in Lithuania.

  • “Shall our work bring you happiness and joy.” - Gustum team. As requested by the Ūkio bankas leasing we have designed and developed:

  • UAB Toode roofing company created a website.

  • Business Plus Lufthansa City Center provides a full range of business travel services and ensures a quality of service.

  • Our client in 2013. "Raguvos furniture and Co ISH exhibition in 2013 (Germany) introduced a new concept line -" Kameo bathroom furniture "

  • We cooperate with the international company Aviabaltika which provides the services related to aircraft maintenance and equipment.

  • UAB "Baltgina" is one of the largest suppliers of food industry equipment in Lithuania.